Global Food Brand, EMEA

World-class insight and ideas that step-changed product development.

A global brand ready to innovate out of their comfort zone and reach new heights. Sometimes the larger the company, the more tricky it is to innovate effectively and creatively.

We created and facilitated an expert panel for this company to make the process more efficient and boost their imagination.

Our Work

We researched, curated and secured a multi-functional panel of experts to bring insights and expertise to ideation and concept sessions. From Michelin Starred chefs to a nutritionist to a food journalist. Our panel enables our client to identify future trends across EMEA.

We facilitated creative sessions to manage the tensions between creatives and corporates. Additionally, we provided recommendations to Senior Management on how to enhance their innovation process.


The panel was used across different EMEA brands and business units. Selected concepts were entered into client quantitative research methodology.