Amazing London 1

This will probably run and run, as a series of blogs, since we make a point of experiencing as much of London as we can, as overlanders.

We're pretty sure most people have never seen a cathedral foam and blow bubbles. In fact, at this time of day, many of the people moving around London will have been under ground, using the underground to commute.  By the way, did you know that all London Underground train journeys in a single day cover the same distance as travelling over 5 times round the world?  (Source: TFL, and beautifully illustrated in London: The Information Capital, Cheshire, J and Uberti, O, Particular Books, London, 2014)

So, to share the love of the multifarious oddities of life in cities, here's a video of a bubble-blowing cathedral - St Paul's Cathedral - courtesy and with commentary by our own CIO, David Gustave.