Hackney's new local paper

We stumbled across this welcome new addition to Hackney's local press.

What appears to be the very first print edition is also backed up by a website and may even have links to a blog last updated in 2011. In the spirit promoted by the paper itself (direct quote: "You've got a news story? Let us know. We won't check it or embarrass you by asking questions. We'll just run it.") we didn't bother researching the links between these two esteemed sites.

For those not familiar with the local area, Hackney is a somewhat divisive place (we love it, others...not so much). The title of the paper is an excellent reflection of how the hatred can be amusingly channelled, and might lay claim to excellent blood lines from the well known Shoreditch T*** (*-ing is mine, just couldn't bring myself to type the word on this site).

The apposite hilarity continues throught - think a Hackney version of The Onion and you begin to get the idea.  To whet your appetite, here is a sample story:

We hope you're also amused. We were sufficiently tickled to start 'stocking' the paper in the waiting area to our studio - well, we took a bunch of copies from the pub where we found a stack (sorry). We wish the publishers all success and will be putting in a request to receive copies on a regular basis.