First Love Foundation Annual Report 2017

First Love Foundation works to enable people to lead sustainable livelihoods in Tower Hamlets, London. They are one of our pro bono clients.

We're proud to share FLF's 2017 Annual Report.

From initial communications strategy to copywriting to design, we worked end-to-end with FLF on this report for the second year. This report is to engage current and future First Love Foundation partners in the work they're doing.

Here's what Denise (CEO) had to say at the end of our project:

The team and I are honoured to have been so blessed by the gift of your time and skills that you have devoted to make this all happen.  You have truly given us – and more importantly the people we help – a voice that would otherwise not be heard, a rare, but powerful and essential commodity in such times like these.

The way you have put this report together shows how you are leading the way through how you have stretched us to think and present not only the problem, but the solution.

The Reluctantly Brave collective are clearly ahead of the curve – my hope is that our society will wake up and decide that more needs to be done.  My hope is that RB, as multi-faceted thought leaders, will be the voice that leads the way and help bring about real change …

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey

And here, are some extracts from the report: