Reimagining Leadership


Stop to consider what you think of as leadership. Are you aware of how much EQ goes into it? Have you considered how different styles of leadership might bring out or hamper the best in people?

I’ve been talking about this a lot recently, in different forums. Specifically, about Harmonious Leadership. What’s that? In a nutshell, it’s about a form of leadership that makes sure it uses all kinds of leadership styles to create and maintain

“the reservoir of positivity that frees the best in people”

to quote Goleman (Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, 2013).

Generally, we at Reluctantly Brave think leaders want to get the best from their teams. Just a theory we have, because we’re smart like that. Now for how and what that might involve, for those aspiring Harmonious Leaders…(psst, that means all of you)...

Tools for Harmony

Creating that “resonance” (Goleman again) between members of a team, department or organisation requires a certain harmony in the group. That will involve developing and judiciously deploying all of these styles of leadership, not just one:

Visionary - showing where a group is going and allowing them freedom to work out how to get there.

Coaching - directing and guiding people, based on deep conversations about their individual positions and their goals.

Affiliative - focusing on creating trust and emotional bonds to promote belonging to a team or organisation.

Democratic - building consensus through participation, great for getting buy-in/ownership of decisions and goals.

Pacesetting - setting an example of getting people to “do as I do.”

Commanding - military-type, straight-out telling people what to do.

Each has it’s pros and cons, different areas in which it is applicable. Harmonious Leaders know what to use and when, to keep the harmony, positivity, excellence flowing.

Think Harmonious

If you’re not aware, as a leader, of your own capabilities and tendencies, if you don’t remain on your watch for how things are with your team and choose well from your capabilities...well, you won’t be getting the best out of people.

Whether you care about how people feel or not (and we hope you do!), you can’t afford to ignore this.

Dawood Gustave