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Our studio in London

Role: Junior Strategist

Help run a young company, working directly with the owners and world-class consultants. You’ll see everything it takes and learn fast, rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in.

We work with a big range of clients, from start-ups to leading corporations. So, you’ll experience so much different stuff day-in, day-out, learning from us, driving projects forward and interacting with senior people from organisations large and small.

We believe you can be ready to run a business in 3 years. Do you? If so, apply using the form below. Please don’t send a CV.

Reluctantly Brave is on a mission to make every business brave


We believe that there is a brave business hidden inside every company in the world, and a brave person lurking inside each of us. Most companies suppress the bravery in people - meaning the brave business can never come out.

We believe this is an amazing opportunity. Authentic, inclusive and innovative, brave businesses are the ones that can stand out in this chaotic, fast-moving world. That means being built from the basics, on the inside, to be able to shine as a beacon for consumers and employees.

We deliver anything from workshops and innovation hothouses, to consulting on retention problems, to team building and individual coaching sessions. Whatever it takes to make our client brave.

And that’s the kind of people we are: whatever it takes. Though there are limits - we don’t work on tobacco, gambling or alcohol, for example. We put values like kindness, love and justice into practice - we think they’re a key part of being a razor sharp business that allows everyone to be themselves and bring their best. Oh, and we give 10% of our time pro bono.

We’re interested in hearing from anyone who thinks this sounds like their kind of company. Go on, be brave, apply.

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