Transforming perceptions of imagination, bravery and leadership

In just two weeks at Reluctantly Brave, my perception of imagination, bravery and leadership have been completely transformed.

Every part of Reluctantly Brave is designed to facilitate your imagination. The most obvious instance of this is the office itself, with a thought-provoking object catching your eye whichever way you turn. But it goes much deeper than this- being at Reluctantly Brave, I have learned to always ask ‘why?’, and to be always searching for new possibilities. This sense of curiosity and imagination can be felt throughout the office. I know see that the effect on the creativity of a business (or any group) when its people are open and brave enough to challenge ideas freely in this way is profound. Working with people of all backgrounds in workshops and projects, I also saw for myself the critical importance of diversity and different perspectives in the creative process.

I learned too about bravery. Inspired by those around me, I was able to challenge myself to be brave. For me, this included speaking to groups, reaching out to new people and learning to share my ideas freely (to remove the mask!). This was not always easy, but it would not be bravery if it were (and thus I began to understand the meaning of Reluctantly Brave).

Reluctantly Brave is full of inspiring leaders. I learned that leadership is so much more than management- a leader will imagine possibilities and inspire those they lead (see ‘5 Is of leadership’). In my 2 weeks, I took my first steps in learning to lead others. The people at Reluctantly Brave make inspiring leadership look very easy. Kevin Roberts describes a leader as somebody who creates new leaders (see, 27:43). I hope that (at least in part) they managed to make a leader out of me.

William Bayliff

Work Experience 2019

Young Brave