The Business Imagineering Method: How you can start getting better, faster

It can be applied to challenges anywhere, working with you, selected subject-matter experts from our Group and target users.

The process is designed as learn-by-doing as well. So, you can both solve a problem and learn the toolbox to start helping your organisation think more start-up.

These are three ways clients often start Business Imagineering. We can also do bespoke if you’re really raring to go.

Imagineering Workshop

1-day workshop

•       For when you know the problem and who in your organisation needs to be involved

•       Rapidly Flow ideas and Frame them get to an action plan

•       Output: 1-3 refined ideas to test, with outline strategy on when/how


Fast Flow Feed

2-3 week research sprint for ideas to feed test design

•       When you know the big-picture challenge, but not exactly what the problems/opportunities are, or who in your organisation might work on them

•       Quickly identify key opportunities for improvement and initial ideas to action

•       Output: Report with data-backed findings, ideas for action and strategic recommendations on what to tackle and who from your team to do this with

Activate now

3-12 month Imagineering cycle for full-scale testing 

•          For when you have an identified test to Activate and people to work on it

•          We help your team design strategies and implement solutions, so you get answers and they learn by doing

•          Outputs:

–       1 potentially amazing idea tested, with data and insights to allow decision on full implementation

–       Your team knows how to and can teach others to Business Imagineer