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We use cookies to see how people use this website. It's just to make sure that we make the website as user-friendly as it can be.

If that's okay with you, just continue browsing and the website will keep using cookies. If you want to know more before deciding, the rest of this is for you:

Nothing that makes you personally identifiable is ever visible to us. However, we know privacy is important to people - each of us at Reluctantly Brave care about our privacy in different ways, so we appreciate when websites are open about what they do and let us choose.

So, here is us being open and letting you choose. We use anonymised data from:

Google Analytics to understand traffic and usage - click here if you want to stop Analytics from using anonymised data from your activities for this website.

Hotjar to see how visitors interact with our website - click here if you want to see how Hotjar works, how it protects your privacy and to say "no" to us using it for this website. Note that the opt out for Hotjar works for all your internet usage on a given browser, which means that (a) it disables Hotjar for every site you visit with that browser but (b) if you visit with a different browser Hotjar will not be disabled until you opt out for that specific browser.

If you continue without opting out, the website will keep using these cookies.