(Young) Braves are strategists who happen to be 16-24 years old. Forget grades or background, we hire on attitude.

(Young) Braves work directly with the Reluctantly Brave team to create amazing strategies, with a different perspective.

It’s a learning environment for clients and (Young) Braves, making a positive impact. It’s an award-winning business program open to 16 to 24 year olds from any background.

Are you 16-24 and interested in learning how to solve the business challenges of today and tomorrow?

 How it works:

We run three streams-- ranging from one week to an academic year, and run remotely or from our London Fields studio. It’s about challenging our imaginations, bringing fresh imagination into our business, pushing us to generate more value for clients… while training young people to use our Business Imagineering Method: the way businesses action better strategies, faster.

 We develop the soft and hard skills they’ll need to thrive in a rapidly changing business world. Training and networking opportunities are free to anyone who gets through our application process. They can also work on a range of client projects, paid above the London Living wage.

 There are 3 ways to get involved:

  1. Work Experience - Want to find out more about what it’s like working in a business with imagination at the centre? Ever dreamed of a job making new ideas for companies’ products, brands and cultures happen? Then come spend one to two weeks doing your work experience in our studio.

2. Join a College Brave team or set up a team in your  university - The College Braves program is  year long and focuses on incubating your skills in problem-solving,  strategy, innovation, culture and branding. We currently have teams  set up across the U.K. and U.S.

3. (Young) Braves London Chapter - This program works like our College Braves program, but instead of being run remotely, it is run in  person from our studio in London Fields, London. 

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